Beneficial foods for arthritis

foods for arthritis
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Beneficial foods for arthritis-When treating arthritis, it is essential to follow the appropriate medical treatment, as well as adapt the diet to this condition of the joints. In this way, we will be relieving the symptoms and making it more bearable in the day to day of the patients. If you also want to know what the beneficial foods for arthritis are, keep reading this article of a Como.

Beneficial foods for arthritis: blue fish

Beneficial foods for arthritis

One of the most beneficial foods for arthritis and other joint conditions is blue fish , due to its high content of Omega 3 acids that contain anti-inflammatory agents. In this way, it is recommended to consume fish such as:

Beneficial foods for arthritis: oils

Also, it will be very beneficial for your body the consumption of vegetable oils such as flaxseed, olive, rapeseed, walnut … since they are also rich in Omega 3. It is best to take them raw, so that they retain all of their His properties.

Beneficial foods for arthritis: nuts

Another good food for arthritis are nuts , so if you suffer from this joint condition you should incorporate them into your diet, always in moderation since some of them also have a high caloric content.

Beneficial foods for arthritis: vegetables

Those affected by arthritis should also consume a significant amount of vegetables, since they have antioxidant properties that neutralize the effect of free radicals on the joints. Some good examples of recommended vegetables are cabbage and Brussels sprouts, Swiss chard, lettuce, broccoli, cucumber …

Beneficial foods for arthritis: fruit

In the same way, the fruit will be totally appropriate for those who suffer from arthritis, especially the one that contains vitamin C, with antioxidant properties and very appropriate to protect the joints.

Therefore, it is recommended to consume strawberries, oranges, tangerines, kiwis, mangos … and other foods rich in Vitamin C.


In addition, there are 100% natural supplements and extracts in the market that are very effective in the fight against joint pain. You can buy capsules with the most effective natural compounds against joint pains in Anastore, ensuring their quality and that they are 100% natural.

Let’s get to know arthritis

It is a disease that attacks the joints, producing deep pain and inflammation. Even with the advanced of modern medicine, no cure has been achieved. It usually occurs in people of advanced age. This condition compromises mobility in its most chronic phases, since the joints are necessary for the movement of the whole body. It is present, basically, in areas such as the knees, elbows and wrists. To improve the quality of life of patients it is advisable to consume beneficial foods for arthritis, make therapy and take the appropriate medicines. Maintaining the ideal weight is essential to reduce discomfort. If you are an arthritis patient, the following foods will help you improve your day to day.

The 3 best foods beneficial for arthritis

The feeding of an arthritis patient should be based on a Mediterranean diet. Its healthy ingredients, varied colors and rich flavors, give a world full of possibilities. Let’s see some of the options:

Extra virgin olive oil: beyond its high cost, olive oil is an excellent ally. Preferably of extra virgin type, it possesses an organic compound known as oleocanthal. This helps to block the enzymes that generate the annoying inflammations. It is recommended to be included in the diet by making an adequate consumption of it. You have to remember that it is a fat and therefore has a respectable amount of calories.

Omega-3: known component of fatty fish, is the omega-3 another good companion in the treatment of arthritis. It is made of vitamin D that helps reduce swelling. Likewise its fatty content blocks the production of the enzyme that generates inflammation. As already mentioned, it is found in fish, such as cod, salmon and tuna.

Nuts: contain fibers, proteins and fats good for health. Their excellent levels of magnesium and calcium contribute to the well-being of the bones, which is a very positive aspect for those who suffer from arthritis. In opposition to its fat content, it has been determined that it is a perfect ally to lose weight.

Other foods: the incorporation of vegetables and fruits (Even more those that are rich in vitamin C) is always well valued in any diet. Because of their high vitamin content, although they do not directly influence the symptoms of the disease, they help to feel good in a general way. Consuming whole grains is also a good decision.

Other aspects to consider to improve the arthritis condition

  • Although consuming beneficial foods for arthritis is the main issue, it is convenient to refer the actions that should be avoided. Some of these worsen symptoms or cause them to progress faster. Let’s review the following list of what is preferable to do:
  • Have a low salt intake
  • Avoid the consumption of saturated fats present in foods such as: red meat, butter, sausages, and cream, among others.
  • Do not consume sunflower or soybean oil. Its high content of omega-6 causes inflammation to increase.
  • To avoid fatigue, sugar consumption is sometimes advised. This is not correct, sugar complicates inflammation and its energy contribution is ephemeral.
  • Do not eat foods made in the street, like fast food. Because of their high level of Trans fat they make them a dangerous weapon against our body.

In general, these are helpful recommendations for anyone. However, delicate health conditions, such as the presence of arthritis, make compliance almost mandatory.

What we eat influences our health positively or negatively. Arthritis is not an opposite case. In this hectic world, with so many options for fast food and processed foods, it is becoming more and more difficult to carry a healthy diet. It is mainly a matter of organization. If you are a patient of this disease, take advantage and start eating foods that are beneficial for arthritis. Follow our advice and you will see a sure improvement!

Finally, the foods have properties that according to the health conditions of each person can contribute to feel better. Not that they have healing powers, is that their composition of vitamins, proteins and minerals, give welfare. Then I invite you to explore some beneficial foods for arthritis.