Is reactive arthritis cured? – here the answer

reactive arthritis
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Reactive arthritis is a disease classified as autoimmune, which usually manifests itself through pain or inflammation of the joints. These symptoms are the main ones with which the body responds as a reaction to an infection, which usually begins in the intestine or in the urinary or genital tract. The most common are Chlamydia. Although it is also possible to have the disease by herpes zoster or salmonella.

It is usual that people with this pathology tend to have several outbreaks throughout their lives with greater or lesser intensity, having to follow the treatments over and over again. But is reactive arthritis cured?

Does reactive arthritis have a cure?

the reactive arthritis

Reactive arthritis is a disease that, in reality, has no cure . The only thing that happens is that the different treatments allow treating it and alleviating its symptoms quite effectively. In this way, you can have a first outbreak and feel totally well in the maximum period of six months. However, this recovery does not mean that you have healed. Do not forget that it is an autoimmune disease.

The possibility of new buds appearing is high, although in each person they are shown with a different periodicity. In some cases the different episodes have occurred with a difference not only of months, but of years. However, in other people, the symptoms do not end up ever disappearing, even if they are better, which leads to mild arthritis. But other situations have also been detected in which the symptomatology has become chronic. At this point, arthritis is serious and can cause joint damage. Also, when you are already in this stage, it is more difficult to deal with.

Treatment of reactive arthritis

If you have reactive arthritis, it is most likely that the doctor has prescribed a treatment that will focus on alleviating the symptoms. Probably, you will be taking antibiotics to deal with the initial infection that has caused this disease.

The treatment is usually completed with non-steroidal anti-inflammatories to reduce inflammation and also reduce pain in the joints. In some cases, patients require psychological support to cope with the disease by the shock that usually causes their diagnosis.

Natural treatment for reactive arthritis

Normally, doctors also recommend following a healthy life based on exercise and following a good diet. Actually, there are no scientific studies that corroborate 100% the benefits of these guidelines, but patients indicate that they feel better.

Physical activity focuses on performing a series of exercises to keep the joints moving and muscle strength, which indicates a physiotherapist. As for food, it is recommended to take fish oils because they are considered to have a positive effect on the joints, reducing pain and inflammation.

Symptoms of reactive arthritis

In general, if reactive arthritis has been detected in time and treatment has been followed, the person will normally be ill for a couple of weeks, although most patients have to continue with their medicines for three months. In these cases, it is usual that only small discomforts remain that do not hinder the day to day.

Anyway, we must take into account that about 30% of cases develop chronic symptoms . This requires other types of treatments, which are usually applied in injectables. They are already more serious cases.

Phases and outbreaks of reactive arthritis

As we have mentioned previously, reactive arthritis is a recurrent disease. That is, its symptoms can appear several times throughout the life of the person. On the possible causes that trigger the new outbreaks, there is much ignorance.

Sometimes, they can be produced as a new reaction to another infection, although in many cases there is no direct relationship with any cause. Anyway, all people who have been diagnosed with reactive arthritis have to be careful with food to avoid poisonings in this way, as well as with sex so that new infections do not occur and cause relapses.

With these explanations, we hope in one way to have answered your question about whether reactive arthritis is cured. We recommend that you always consult a doctor and, if you have any symptoms or doubts, go quickly to a health center to carry out the necessary study and to know if you have this disease or not.

This article is merely informative, in a HOW we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.