How to take turmeric for arthritis

turmeric for arthritis
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Turmeric for arthritis-Turmeric is a very used spice in the kitchen to season meals, it is very famous for its striking color between red and yellow, a little lighter than that of paprika. Although many people know the culinary properties of this root, few know about the benefits of turmeric for health and why consuming this spice can help, mainly, to relieve joint pain. If you want to know how to take turmeric for arthritis.

Home remedy to treat arthritis

turmeric for arthritis

Ingredients to be needed:

  • Five grams of turmeric. How to prepare it from watermelon seeds to clean the kidneys
  • Five grams of fresh ginger root.
  • Five grams of fresh cinnamon.
  • A liter of water.
  • Twenty-five grams of honey.

Preparation and consumption mode

Boil the liter of water, when it reaches the boiling point, add the ginger, cinnamon and turmeric and let it cook for 30 minutes. Once the waiting time has expired, extinguish the fire and let it rest for a period of approximately 15 minutes. After the period of time, filter the infusion and conserve only the water.

Next, sweeten the liquid with the honey and store it in a dark jar in a cool place. Ideally, take 3 cups of this drink a day; the first should be taken on an empty stomach and the following, 20 minutes after each meal. The idea is to consume it at room temperature.

Turmeric for arthritis steps to follow: one

How does turmeric help arthritis? Among its main benefits is its anti-inflammatory property, which intervenes in the body helping to dissipate joint inflammation caused by conditions such as arthritis. This anti-inflammatory effect was studied in Italy, demonstrating that the pain and stiffness of patients with osteoarthritis decreased 58% when taking turmeric.

In addition, turmeric has analgesic effect, which allows relieving the pain of arthritis and making the person to recover the mobility of their joints by the absence of discomfort. Also, before beginning to explain how to take turmeric for arthritis, it is important to be clear that it is not the same as curry, in fact, curium is made curry.


There are many ways to take turmeric for arthritis. But the most common of these is the consumption of turmeric in supplements. These supplements can be found in herbalists, health food stores or pharmacies and these are capsules that contain a concentrated dose of turmeric. Ideally, the daily amount that should be taken is indicated by a doctor. It is not recommended to exceed 1500 mg per day , which is why many experts recommend taking 500 mg tablets three times a day: morning, noon and night.


Another way to relieve arthritis with this spice is by preparing a turmeric tea. On this occasion it is recommended to combine turmeric with ginger to obtain more powerful anti-inflammatory results. Prepare turmeric tea is very simple, you should only take two tablespoons of turmeric and two ginger, both ground, in two cups of boiling water. Once the preparation has rested for 20 minutes, strain and add honey to sweeten. One cup a day will be enough.


Cooking with turmeric is very delicious and is a way to incorporate this species into the diet to relieve the pain of arthritis. Salad, vegetables, eggs and soups are foods that go very well with the taste of turmeric and that eating them in this way allow to obtain the anti-inflammatory benefits that this spice causes in the organism. Ideally, eat at least four meals a day with turmeric and season with only half a teaspoon.


Although taking turmeric for arthritis can help reduce pain, stiffness and inflammation in the joints, it is not recommended to use this spice as the only treatment. It is necessary that a person with arthritis be treated by a specialist, who will prescribe the necessary medications and consider whether it is correct to consume this spice and the ideal dose.


Turmeric, as well as offering health benefits, also has certain contraindications, so it is not advisable to abuse its use to avoid, for example, an excessive thinning of the blood. Therefore, those people who consume anticoagulant or vascular medications should avoid their intake unless their doctor indicates otherwise.

When to take turmeric paste and how?

The truth is that turmeric paste has multiple uses. For example, you can simply become a base ingredient to add to your daily meals, or you can take a teaspoon of this paste every day without having to suffer from any ailment, infection or health problem.

Turmeric drink

With this paste a vegetable drink of similar name is made, known as golden milk, very easy to prepare and that can be taken every night.

However, we should not abuse this pasta and not consume more than a teaspoon a day. Of course, it is not suitable for people with gallbladder problems.

Finally, while it is true, around the world there are people who have spent years fighting against their arthritis and have not yet found a definitive solution to end this evil. However, we believe we have found one of the best treatments when it comes to combating this problem, it is an ancient remedy that hundreds of people have already tried and have obtained truly efficient results.

For no one is a secret that, when treating certain health problems, natural medicine can become more efficient than conventional medicine that we can all acquire in different points of sale. This time it seems to be that way, since there are several treatments developed by experts that promise to help us eliminate pain and reverse the symptoms of arthritis forever, and yet they do not offer us the results they promise.

But the treatment that we will share next as we have mentioned is known since antiquity for its great effectiveness in dealing with the problem. If you want to know what it consists of, keep reading and take a note of the recipe that we will leave below so that you always have it with you.