How to use ginger for arthritis

use ginger
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Use ginger-Chronic inflammation of the joints of the bones, known as arthritis is a condition that can cause pain. And discomfort to those who suffer from it. The use of anti-inflammatory medication is a common alternative. However natural medicine also offers good options to enhance the well-being of patients with this condition. With ginger being one of the most outstanding products for arthritis.

How to use ginger for arthritis steps to follow:

 use ginger for arthritis

Step 1

Ginger is a root that has important medicinal properties, being an excellent digestive that improves our gastric health. A good option for the treatment of cold, flu and cough, and also an alternative for the natural treatment of arthritis. Because It has anti-inflammatory properties that also act in the case of chronic diseases. So that patients with this condition can feel improvement by adding ginger to their daily routine.

Step 5

Although ginger is an excellent home remedy for the treatment of various conditions, ingested frequently can be harmful to certain people. Therefore excessive consumption is not recommended at:

  • People with hypertension, because this root is a natural vasoconstriction.
  • Those who suffer from gallstones, which could increase this pathology due to the usual intake of ginger.
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers.
  • Patients who take medication for hypertension, anticoagulant, for diabetes or to lower platelets.

Step 3

One of the simplest ways to use ginger for arthritis is by eating one or two cups of an infusion made with this root every day. To prepare this drink you will have to peel and cut half of ginger root in pieces of a finger of thickness. Add them to two cups of water and bring to fire, let boil for 10 minutes. Then turn off the heat and let rest for another 10 minutes.

You must strain the infusion before drinking it, preferably do it without any sweetener. Remember that you can drink one or two cups a day.

 Step 4

Although in the West it is not so usual, in the East the ginger is a root used for centuries in gastronomy. Its anti-inflammatory power and its benefits for our health are so powerful. That adding it to your diet is an excellent option to improve the symptoms of arthritis and guarantee your well-being. You can use it to flavor the oil with which you cook chicken, fish or vegetables. Or use it in different recipes.

Do not you know how to do it? In our article how to use ginger in the kitchen. We give you several delicious alternatives that will help you enhance the effects of this root in your health.

Step 5

If you definitely do not like the taste of this product. You can also use ginger for arthritis without the need to consume it. An excellent way to do this is through the ginger oil. Popularly used to massage those critical areas in which we want to reduce inflammation and pain.

This product can be obtained in herbal shops or stores of natural products. You should only apply a few drops in the desired area and massage for at least 5 minutes. Perform the massage daily a couple of times a day if you wish. Or apply when you feel discomfort.

Step 6

Another option is to use ginger for arthritis by ingesting it in the form of a capsule. A very simple and uncomplicated alternative. In the shops of natural products we can find it in this presentation. However each brand will have its own indications, which it is convenient to follow to the letter.

In any case, it is never recommended to consume more than 4 grams of ginger per day. Or it could cause gastric irritation and diarrhea.

Step 7

If in addition to arthritis you have any other disease or chronic condition. Or if you take medication every day, you should always consult your doctor before starting a natural treatment with ginger.

How to use ginger in the kitchen

Ginger is a rather strange looking root that, however, brings an aromatic. And delicious flavor to dishes, especially those of Asian cuisine. And it is precisely that this spice comes from Asia. And although in the West we usually use it more as a medicinal plant for the preparation of different home remedies than in gastronomy. This root brings a really unique touch to our preparations.

How to preserve ginger

Cooking with ginger is a fairly simple task, however a root yields for many dishes. Because it is enough to give flavor to your preparation. So it is important to keep it properly.

If you plan to leave it in the fridge, you can keep it for 3 or 4 weeks, instead frozen it can last up to 1 year. To preserve it, it is recommended to wrap it in aluminum foil without tightening it too much, or in plastic film. Always without peeling. In case you are going to freeze it. It is also advisable to cut it into pieces with a maximum width of one finger. So you can use one each time you need it.

How to cook with fresh ginger

When cooking with ginger it is important to be clear that a bit is enough to flavor your dishes. You can also introduce a couple of slices of ginger in the preparation of whole fish such as trout or salmon. This will give a scented and intense touch reminiscent of oriental cuisine. And if you only want a slight flavor but not a total presence, you can rub the fish or raw chicken with a little ginger root and then cook it according to your preference, you’ll see how good it looks!

How to cook with ground ginger

The ground ginger is also very popular, and we usually find in stores Oriental and African spices. Very used in these kitchens, it is as versatile as any other spice, so we can integrate it into a multitude of dishes.

A good way to cook with ground ginger is to incorporate it as a dressing in dishes with intense flavor, for example chicken curry is great if we add a pinch of this spice, which will give a different touch and certainly much more tasty.

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