5 Essential Health and Safety Tips for College Students

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During your first day at college, you may get an earful from your counselors during orientation about all the dangers lurking around the corners at campus. Plus, you may hear the horror stories about drinking or walking home alone. The truth is that you should listen and listen very carefully. If you are haphazard or if you don’t take safety and health into consideration, you could put yourself in a situation that will be very hard to get out of. College isn’t quite the same cocoon that you had when you lived with your parents, so you have to be mindful. Fortunately, staying healthy and safe is easy if you have the tools. Here are five essential health and safety tips for college students.

  1. Always Lock Your Dorm Room at Night

One of the most important safety tenets is securing your domicile. Just because you are in a secure dorm at New England College, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t lock your dorm. You just never know who may try to get in. On many college campuses, theft is a major problem.

  1. Create a Buddy System When Walking Home Late at Night

If you get out of a party late at night, you don’t want to walk home alone. In fact, you want to make sure to call a friend to walk with you. Even before this, though, you want to create some kind of system where your friend knows a code that means you need backup. It is important to live by this code, so that you don’t find yourself in danger after dark 

  1. Always Drink in Moderation

Of course, when you are in college, you may want to blow off a little steam after exams, midterms or just after a really long lecture. If you like to go out to parties, or the bar, you want to be sure that you keep your drinking to a minimum. If you are driving, you probably don’t want to drink at all. If you do drink, be sure to keep it light and you want to know your limits. The last thing you want is to spend a night in the drunk tank.

  1. Give Your Car Keys to a Friend if You Don’t Feel Safe to Drive

If you do feel buzzed, but need to get home, you don’t want to drive. You could be making a horrible mistake if you do. Ideally, you want to give your keys to a friend. If you don’t have a friend around, you want to call a taxi or car service. If you drive buzzed, you could hurt someone else, or yourself.

  1. Get Plenty of Exercise on a Daily Basis

On top of everything, you want to get plenty of exercise. Indeed, exercise is critical when you are in college. Not only will exercise help you stay fit and lean, it will also help you release serotonin and endorphins, which are essential at fighting off depression and stress. In the end, even if you do a few push ups and run a mile or two each day, you will enjoy the benefits of getting active.