5 Helpful College Student Health Tips

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Attending college should be a rewarding experience, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, a lot of freshman enter into college only to come out out of shape and a few pounds heavier. Weight challenges and health issues shouldn’t be a concern while you’re studying at UAB Online or any other institution. To ensure you stay in tip top shape throughout your academic career, you should employ the following tips.

  1. Always Keep Healthy Snacks Around

Consistent snacking is a problem a lot of college students have. Staying up late at night studying, partying or simply hanging out is going to resort to unhealthy foods being eaten. Instead of ordering pizza, popping high-fat popcorn or munching on cakes and cookies, you should keep your mini-fridge stocked with healthy goodies. There are many different health-conscious snacks you can nibble on other than your typical fruit. For instance, you can enjoy sea salt pretzels, granola bars and trail mixes. Amazon is a great place to scour for healthy treats.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water Everyday

It’s not about how often you drink water, but how much of it you drink. Each day, you should be downing at least eight 16 ounce glasses of water – more if you lead an active lifestyle. The more water you drink, the better your body will be able to detox. This means keeping viruses and bacteria at bay. This can reduce your chances of catching that flu bug that’s going around school. 

  1. Reduce Sugar and Caffeine Intake

The biggest, yet worst excuse students give for their high consumption of sugar and caffeine is for energy. Both of these substances wire your brain, but then cause an inevitable crash. These consistent highs and lows will drain your nerves and brain, making it more difficult to study and remember information. Instead, you should drink fruit smoothies made with 100% fruit and zero sugar. Plus eating a lot of sugar will cause you to gain weight and overwork your pancreas, potentially causing diabetes.

  1. Avoid Skipping Meals

You’re a busy college student, which means you sometimes skip meals. This seems okay in the beginning, but after weeks and months of doing this, your energy levels are going to plummet. And for some people, this causes binge eating and weight gain. College is the time to eat right, so that you can continue having high focus. It’s hard to retain what you learn if you’re mind is drained.

  1. Get Plenty of Rest

Juggling class, study time, work and a social life is exhausting. It’s hard to give up any of these things, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan your days more thoughtfully. Avoid too many surprise hangout sessions with friends, especially if you were planning to study. Falling behind in class will only lead to you falling behind in sleep. And when that happens, you’re going to suffer from fatigue. Falling asleep in class isn’t going to look good to your professors!

Make sure you don’t forget to focus on your health during your college career. Use these tips to help keep your mind and body in tip top shape.